Maintenance Plan

Proud to announce our new concept of a weekly/monthly Maintenance Plan for Complexes. The advantages for Property Management Companies or Trustees of Complexes are:

• We attend to all your minor maintenance issues on either a weekly or monthly basis.                       

• Our weekly/monthly Maintenance plan assists you in the 10 year Maintenance plan for complexes, which is now legislation.                 

Monthly Maintenance includes:                               

• All small repairs to be done on site while doing an inspection report.

•Inspection and repairs of roofs, including gutters.      

• Inspection and repairs of windows for breakages and windy putty replacement.

•Inspection and repairs of plumbing for leaks. 

 •Inspection of walls for damp and damages.

•Inspection of boundary wall for damp and damage.

• Inspection and alarm test done on electric fencing.

•Inspection of gate and garage motors.